Who We Are

Our Family Home was formerly a convent Of Benedectine Monks and dates back to around the end of the 14th century. The monks were also producing wine and the legend says that one of the monastery`s wine cellars had a tunnel which was going out to the nearby forest so that in the event of an onslaught the inhabitants of the Monastery and people from the town could make a quick getaway.

In XIX century after reunion of Italy the monastery was bought by the aristocratic family Guicciardini and transformed to the prosperous factory during 1860-1890. The new big wine cellar was built and production of the wine reached 3000 hl per year by the beginning of XX century. 

Fattoria Bassetto was producing also olive oil, we had hundreds hectars of grain and tobacco fields, dozens cows, pigs and other domestic animals.The wine cellar itself was the second largest in all of Tuscany and stopped producing wine only 30 years ago. 

In 1998 we decided to convert the property into a traveller’s guesthouse and take the the place back to it’s original purpose, a stopping point for weary traveller’s on their pilgrimage through the wonderful cities of Italy. We wanted our Guesthouse to be unique in terms of setting and location, a place you would want to return to in the evening after a tour, somewhere to relax as if you were at home.

You cannot stay at Bassetto Guesthouse without taking a stroll around the old medieval town of Certaldo Alto, birth town of Boccaccio, writer of the famous medieval novel Decameron which you have probably heard about or seen the  movie. Certaldo Alto is one of the most scenic landscapes of Tuscany renowned for its rollin-fringed hills, castles and towers. Not to miss the Medieval Dinner on 2nd weekend of June and Mercantia in July - both events starts in the evening on the streets of Certaldo with medieval atmosphere. Fun, food and wine guaranteed!

If those words inspired  you - we are waiting for you to come and enjoy with us the Bassetto Experience.  

Alessandro, Francesco, Guido




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